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 Wind In The Willows, Chapter 3; The..  Grahame
 Wind In The Willows, Chapter 6; Mr ..  Grahame
 Wind In The Willows, Chapter 10; Th..  Grahame
 Wind In The Willows, Chapter 1; The..  Grahame
 Wind In The Willows, Chapter 7; The..  Grahame
 Wind In The Willows, Chapter 12; Th..  Grahame
 Wind In The Willows, Chapter 2; The..  Grahame
 Wind In The Willows, Chapter 4; Mr ..  Grahame
 Wind In The Willows, Chapter 11;  Grahame
 Wind In The Willows, Chapter 5; Dul..  Grahame
 Wind In The Willows, Chapter 8; Toa..  Grahame
 Rip Van Winkle  Irving
 Wind In The Willows, Chapter 9; Way..  Grahame
 Boule de Suif  de Maupassant
 About Love  Chekhov
 God Sees the Truth, But Waits  Tolstoy
 Metamorphosis  Kafka
 The Canterville Ghost  Wilde
 War  London
 The Dead  Joyce
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The Venial Sin (16/03/2005)
The Other Two (02/02/2005)
War (02/02/2005)
Was it Heaven? Or Hell? (11/12/2004)
A Telephonic Conversation (11/12/2004)
Italian without a Master (11/12/2004)
Italian with Grammar (11/12/2004)
A Helpless Situation (11/12/2004)
The Five Boons of Life (11/12/2004)
The First Writing-machines (11/12/2004)
Edward Mills and George Benton: A Tale (11/12/2004)
A Dog`s Tale (11/12/2004)
The Californian`s Tale (11/12/2004)
A Burlesque Biography (11/12/2004)
The $30,000 Bequest (11/12/2004)
God Sees the Truth, But Waits (11/12/2004)
The Shot (11/12/2004)
The Queen of Spades (11/12/2004)
Why the Little Frenchman Wears his Hand in a Sling (11/12/2004)
The Tell-Tale Heart (11/12/2004)
The Sphinx (11/12/2004)
The Murders in the Rue Morgue (11/12/2004)
How to Write a Blackwood article (11/12/2004)
Eleonora (11/12/2004)
The Devil in the Belfry (11/12/2004)
A Descent into the Maelstrom (11/12/2004)
The Cask of Amontillado (11/12/2004)
Bon-Bon (11/12/2004)
The Black Cat (11/12/2004)
Berenice (11/12/2004)
The Assignation (11/12/2004)
The Philosopher`s Joke (11/12/2004)
Passing of the Third Floor Back (11/12/2004)
The Cost of Kindness (11/12/2004)
Squire Petrick`s Lady (11/12/2004)
St. John`s Eve (11/12/2004)
The Overcoat (11/12/2004)
The Cloak (11/12/2004)
The Calash (11/12/2004)
The Half-Brothers (11/12/2004)
An Accursed Race (11/12/2004)
His Last Bow (11/12/2004)
The Christmas Tree and the Wedding (11/12/2004)
The Wreck of the Golden Mary (11/12/2004)
What Christmas is as we Grow Older (11/12/2004)
The Trial For Murder (11/12/2004)
The Signal-Man (11/12/2004)
The Schoolboy`s Story (11/12/2004)
The Poor Relation`s Story (11/12/2004)
Nobody`s Story (11/12/2004)
The Haunted-House (11/12/2004)
Going into Society (11/12/2004)
Doctor Marigold (11/12/2004)
A Christmas Tree (11/12/2004)
The Child`s Story (11/12/2004)
The Sending of Dana Da (10/12/2004)
My Own True Ghost Story (10/12/2004)
In the House of Suddhoo (10/12/2004)
How the Whale Got His Throat (10/12/2004)
How the Rhinoceros Got His Skin (10/12/2004)
How the Leopard Got His spots (10/12/2004)
How the First Letter was Written (10/12/2004)
How the Camel Got His Hump (10/12/2004)
How the Alphabet was Made (10/12/2004)
His Wedded Wife (10/12/2004)
The Elephant`s Child (10/12/2004)
The Crab that Played with the Sea (10/12/2004)
The Cat that Walked by Himself (10/12/2004)
The Butterfly that Stamped (10/12/2004)
The Beginning of the Armadillos (10/12/2004)
A Tough Tussle (10/12/2004)
On a Mountain (10/12/2004)
The Hypnotist (10/12/2004)
The Death Of Halpin Frayser (10/12/2004)
The Coup De Grace (10/12/2004)
A Baffled Ambuscade (10/12/2004)
An Affair Of Outposts (10/12/2004)
The Tinder-Box (10/12/2004)
The Windmill (10/12/2004)
The Beetle Who Went on His Travels (10/12/2004)
The Red Shoes (10/12/2004)
The Naughty Boy (10/12/2004)
The Dream of Little Tuk (10/12/2004)
The Little Match Girl (10/12/2004)
The Shadow (10/12/2004)
The False Collar (10/12/2004)
The Story of a Mother (10/12/2004)
The Happy Family (10/12/2004)
The Old House (10/12/2004)
The Bell (10/12/2004)
The Elderbush (10/12/2004)
The Leap-Frog (10/12/2004)
The Snow Queen (10/12/2004)
The Fir Tree (10/12/2004)
The Shoes of Fortune (10/12/2004)
The Real Princess (10/12/2004)
The Swineherd (10/12/2004)
The Emperor`s New Clothes (10/12/2004)
The Witch (10/12/2004)
The Requiem (10/12/2004)
Misery (10/12/2004)
Happiness (10/12/2004)
Gooseberries (10/12/2004)
Difficult People (10/12/2004)
The Beauties (10/12/2004)
At Christmas Time (10/12/2004)
Ariadne (10/12/2004)
Agafya (10/12/2004)
After the Theatre (10/12/2004)
About Love (10/12/2004)
About Love (10/12/2004)
The Three Clerks of Saint Nicholas (10/12/2004)
The King`s Sweetheart (10/12/2004)
The Devil`s Heir (10/12/2004)
The Dear Night of Love (10/12/2004)
The Danger of Being Too Innocent (10/12/2004)
The Continence of King Francis the First (10/12/2004)