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My Life as a new blogger.
Posted on 04/06/2018 by  poemsgalore

Write a blog? I've never done a blog before. Well, that's not strictly true. I did a cancer blog on Maggie's a few years ago. For those who have never heard of Maggie's, it's a charity that supports cancer sufferers and their family. There are local Maggie's in various parts of the country, where you can meet others, find financial advice, booklets and other advice. I'm rambling.

My youngest daughter also blogs. She's into vintage clothes, furniture, everything really. I sometimes wonder if it's because I named her Emily? I used to call her Amelia when she was very little, which sounds daft, as Emily is a shorter name.

Anyway, this blog is MINE, but I'm not quite sure what kind of blog it will turn out to be. Not boring I hope.

So, I expect I'd better get going.

I wrote my first 'poem' when I was five. I was highly delighted with Autumn Leaves as I called it. As was my teacher at Shelton Street Infants School, Mrs Parker. although I can remember her name, I can't remember my poem! She suggested the school pianist set it to music - early leanings towards song writing? I think not, the pianist just banged a few chords out then gave up. I was bitterly disappointed and never wrote another poem until I was about 45. Maybe no great loss to the poetry world, or indeed the music world. Oh well.

This morning we had breakfast beneath the gazebo next to the burger stall in the Market Place in town. The usual gang were there. Mal - telling everyone his woes. Gary and Rose - serving breakfast rolls, tea/coffee and advice. A young dad with his children. An elderly couple, both mobile. And us. Tired, dilapidated and fed up (in more ways than one). The barber down the road gave us a number 2 cut. A cheerful girl,very considerate and kindly. We're among her regulars. then we popped into Greggs for some delicious but unhealthy snacks. We always take a taxi home as it's easier than the bus. Our usual taxi wasn't there, but we had a choice of three. On arriving home, we both fell asleep. Me in the recliner and him on the couch.

It's been too hot for me, I'm definitely a cold weather person.

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