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Name Mike Lewis
User Name Mickey
Specialism Poetry
Groups Poetry Writers Group   Flash Poetry  
Location South East
Interests Writing silly verse!
Profile I’ve just realised my profile was 12 years old – so here’s an update (I’ve even added a photo!) I’m not a poet – I merely write comical verse. I’m afraid that I don’t understand real poetry and am reluctant to comment on others’ work as a result. My preference is for humorous verse and I admire the work of Philip Larkin, Roger McGough, and Wendy Cope. My favourite poet however (and the only one I regularly re-read) is John Betjeman

Latest Work

The Romance of Carpentry by Mickey Word Count: 159

11 Aug 2019

Last Day at the Office by Mickey Word Count: 190

I came across a book called ‘The Poetry of Business Life’ today and was inspired to relate the tale of my own last day at the office. Incidentally, look up ‘What the Chairman Told Tom’ by Basil Bunting – its brilliant! 
9 Aug 2019

Winter Holiday by Mickey Word Count: 155

on the decision to suspend parliament for the winter recess and to be sung to Cliff Richard's 'Summer Holiday'  
3 Feb 2019

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