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Nature. Human by Zettel Word Count: 151

Inspired by the film on current release: Five Seasons: the Gardens of Piet Oudolf  
19 Aug 2019

Last Night In Nashville by Zettel Word Count: 130

Another effort at a song. My son's sister-in-law, a singer/songwriter, fell in love with a another singer/songwriter from Nashville. They met and first kissed on her last night in Nashville before flying home next day. Getting married this August. Happy songs are hard and the risk of cliche, ever-present. This probably needs a 'bridge' to complete it. I test my 'songs' by trying to 'sing' them 'in my head'. The title just seemed to write itself. 
17 Jun 2019

Passing Thought by Zettel Word Count: 102

6 May 2019

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