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 In the Next Room or the vibrator play at St James Theatre Much of the humour in the play rests on the assumption that the Victorians didn’t know that the ‘paroxysms’ induced by direct stimulation were of a sexual nature. The spectacle of the straight-faced doctor (Jason Hughes) applying a buzzing contraption t...
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 Disappointing Dramas How to make a drama from repressed emotions and genteelly-expressed opposition is a challenge, especially in such a large theatre. One answer to the staging problems presented by Mansfield Park may well be to heed Willy Russell’s Rita’s advice and ‘Do it ...
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 I Heart Literary Events I ate my sandwich on a bench alongside the old town stocks, opposite the church where I heard Ruth Rendell talk about her latest book and answer questions about her life as a crime writer. In the same café I overheard someone say she could be 'tetchy...
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Just Follow the Instructions by Cornelia Word Count: 1237

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25 Sep 2012

Aches and Pains by Cornelia Word Count: 1001

A fishy story with a twist  
13 Sep 2012

Aches and Pains by Cornelia Word Count: 612

For Blob's challenge 
4 Sep 2012

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