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Name Joseph Woodhouse
User Name Jwjwoodhouse
Specialism Various
Location London
Profile I am a young comedy writer coming off the back of my first professional play at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I have moved to London in order to further my career in writing fiction and stand up comedy. I have completed a children`s novel along with the play that was performed in Edinburgh, but am flexible as to the medium of writing in future projects. I look to explore the outlets London gives me, and relish any project large or small, to build up a portfolio and make a name for myself.

Latest Work

Jay McWalter, C.I.D revised chapter one by Jwjwoodhouse Word Count: 1448

Hopefully I've gone straight into the action with chapter one this time, rather than dilly dallying with the back story. 
20 Nov 2009

Jay McWalter, C.I.D by Jwjwoodhouse Word Count: 1287

18 Nov 2009

in Limbo, in London by Jwjwoodhouse Word Count: 1075

The only thing constant is change. Unfortunately, its all changing a little too fast for Will McWalter, a graduate who wakes up in hospital after a stab wound. Stabbed two days before he's due to go travelling, Will discovers that the cut is a little too deep. Embracing his death, Will, along with his killer find themselves in London, the capital of Purgatory. But with his flatemate murderer, a Sassy Rehab Councillor and the delays on the London Underground, will Will keep it together? 
17 Oct 2009

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