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 In Defence of ‘Tell’-Or How to Just Get On with It Lord knows, I’m not the fastest writer around. I can sit and stare at a single paragraph for an unbelievable amount of time as I fiddle with a phrase here, a word there. I’d like to say it makes the eventual product worth all the agonising, and...
( from http://highlandwriter.wordpress.com/2011...)
 Tortoise or Hare – What’s your writing speed? Of course, this week’s post is inspired by the whole NaNoWriMo phenomenon – God, as though we haven’t got enough reasons to hate November already! For anyone who hasn’t come across this yet, the link is here: http://highlandwriter.wordpress.com/2011...)
 Feedback Fear So here’s the thing… On Saturday I waved goodbye to Mr HW and sulking cats to head south for the ‘Getting Published Event’, run by the Writers’ Workshop (details here: ( from http://highlandwriter.wordpress.com/2011...)

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