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Pen and Ink

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Published Works

  Pen and Ink's (a.k.a. J M Forster)  children's and young teens' novel Shadow Jumper is published by Scribblepad Press. (Available 22/7/14)
  • A psychological mystery book for older children (10+). Now available in paperback and Kindle ebook. To order in bookshops.

  •   Pen and Ink's (a.k.a. J.M. Forster)  Children's Bad Hair Days is published by Scribblepad Press. (Available 5th September 2017)
  • Wearing a wig means Mallow can hide her hair loss. But now someone’s sending her creepy messages. It’s a race to stop them before everyone discovers her secret. Losing her hair was hard enough – but will she lose the people she cares about too?

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