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Name Anthonyjoseph Vasquez
User Name scorpiorising
Birthday 11/02/1971
Specialism Fiction
Location Southern
Interests History,Philosophy,theology and the mysteries of the templars
Profile "life is full of suprises,grab one and smell what kind"...I am a vigorous Scorpio,what does that mean you ASK?youtube it!!!!!that should keep you busy for a moment while I....WHAT...DAMMIT your back Already..okay so you tubed it and came up with SCORPIOS are very RULEY,LOYAL,SEXUAL,CONFIDENT or ARROGANT,PERSISTENT,BRILLIANT or INSANE,GREAT LOOKING :8} AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST jealous...HHHmmmm...OKay who wants to PLAY!!!!!!!

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live spelled backwards by scorpiorising Word Count: 70

A collection of thoughts and conversations .what really runs through peoples minds in the 21stmorning century. 
22 Sep 2012

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