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Reggie Adams

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Member Since: 25 January 2014
Last visited: 18 September 2014
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Name Reginald Adams
User Name Reggie Adams
Birthday 27/01/1966
Specialism Theatre
Location London
Interests Politics and Social Change
Profile I`m a politcal activist and campaigner for equality of citizenship, the author of a book on political philosophy and macro-economics, Now Utopia, and the founder of The Humanist Party. I`ve just completed, what I feel is, an important play called `An Interview With Gadarfi (misspelled)` and I`m going about trying to get this into production, thus my membership of this site. I would gladly welcome any feedback and comments you may have. Thank you

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An Interview With Gadarfi (misspelled) by Reggie Adams Word Count: 18129

A personal journey of discovery through the eyes of the struggling journalist and family man Bellamy Johan. It's full of drama, frustrations, comedy moments, emotional pains and panic but also one that asks us to question everything we know in matters of geo-politics, global media and the inner workings of global capitalism, our money system, and our notion of democracy. It delivers these big ideas through some very personable conversations between realistic characters. 
25 Jan 2014

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