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Name Hannah F
User Name HannahF
Specialism Fiction
Location South West
Interests Books, pubs, walking, husband, cat - not necessarily in that order!
Profile Previously written for a bbc children`s magazine and freelance features for local newspapers. Now attempting my first real story for children - not confident enough to call it a book yet! Grateful for any helpful feedback and thoughts on plot, tone, language etc. A nervous first-timer!

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Untitled as yet by HannahF Word Count: 3769

I've started working on this idea for a children's story. Its about a girl and boy who come to stay in an old medieval house in Cornwall and find themselves involved in an ancient conflict between two warring brothers. It will involve themes of time travel, family, community, love, sacrifice and I hope magic - not of the wizardry kind, but an appreciation of the natural wonder a landscape and culture like Cornwall's can offer. I hope!! 
23 Jan 2004

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