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 Fantasy on Dragons Den Just been watching Dragons Den on BBC 2. One of the pitchers was a fantasy author who wanted 175 grand to invest in a film production of her (lets be honest) self published novel, Dance of the Goblins. Now firstly there is no problem with being publis...
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 Turning into a killjoy??? Down the road from my home is a small common field, mostly used for folk walking their dogs or a shortcut for myself when I feel shagged after a run, recently in which a bonfire has been taking shape. Itís main fodder is a deforested clump of trees, alh...
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 A Day at Wembley A Day at Wembley The only word that possibly suits Wembley Stadium is Immense. Sure, the old stadium was a unique place, but somehow I cannot remember it being so huge inside. Whatever the feelings about Old or New, the stadium was a fitting pla...
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Latest Work

Downsize by Heckyspice Word Count: 215

A reflection of the curent mood in our workplace. 
26 Nov 2008

Minute Men - part 2 _ revised draft by Heckyspice Word Count: 1986

A continuation of an experimental work. Added - a few tweaks here and there in line with Nell's comments 
11 Mar 2007

All Quiet (2nd edit) by Heckyspice Word Count: 276

My entry for this weeks challenge of "The idiot". I have gone over the word limit a wee bit. Sorry.I hope this is not too preachy. Added: Just edited it, to bring down the word count and tighten up a few bits. 
28 Feb 2006

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