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Beanie Baby

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Name Jillian Henderson-Long
User Name Beanie Baby
Home Page www.yucketypoo.co.uk
Specialism All the above
Location South East
Interests Photography, reading, collectibles, travel
Profile Part established in small presses, work in annuals, anthologies, local/national press, local radio, self-published, run Creative Writing workshops and do guest poet/writer slots at local schools. My first children`s book was published in 2007 and I have been commissioned to write two more. I have been profiled in Writer`s News and local papers. Brilliant at meeting deadlines.

Published Works

  Beanie Baby's (a.k.a. Jilly Henderson-Long)   YUCKETYPOO - The Monster That Grew and Grew is published . (Available Now)
  • A humourous adventure story for 6 - 8 year olds that similtaneously entertains and raises environment awareness, published by Lollypop Publishing. 10% from every copy sold will go to the CLIC-Sargeant charity which cares for children and young people w

  • Personal Blog Posts

     YUCK ROCKS AMERICA! I was chuffed to get a text message from Sarah the Publisher the other day advising me to check out a review of Yuck 1 written by someone in AMERICA! How exciting is that? Take a look for yourself - the link is http://www.literacylaunchpad.blogspot.com/ a...
    ( from http://jphl.blogspot.com/...)
     OUT ON A LIMB - NOT I am so, so, so sorry to have abandoned you but you just will not believe what is going on in my life now! Talk about Eastenders - I tell you, Albert Square has nothing on me! After months of harping on about how much I loathe, detest, despise and hate my...
    ( from http://jphl.blogspot.com/...)
     LONG TIME NO SEE ... The most horrendous thing happened to me last night! Knowing we had guests to dinner, I stopped off on the way home from the Day Job to get a few extra things, decided to pay with my Maestro card and was knocked for six when the card was refused twice. Fo...
    ( from http://jphl.blogspot.com/...)

    Latest Work

    PAGE TURNER by Beanie Baby Word Count: 136

    I for one am becoming increasingly concerned about all the publicitu electronic reading gadgets are getting. It is a complete OUTRAGE!!! Anyway, this (wonderfully spontaneous) poem came to me yesterday, got tweaked at 7 o' clock this morning and is now here for everyonne to see. Please print it off and put it up in your window, or send it to your local book shop (I have ten copies I am sending off today) because if we writers can't stop this scandal, nothing will!!!!! 
    20 Aug 2009

    SYMPHONY by Beanie Baby Word Count: 70

    A couple more haiku. I am enjoying experimenting with the 17-syllable form. Any feedback gratefully received. 
    19 Mar 2009

    HEART MUSIC by Beanie Baby Word Count: 65

    31 Jan 2008

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