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Name Colin Garrow
User Name GingerTom
Specialism Fiction
Groups Flash Fiction   Children's and YA Writers' Group  
Location Scotland
Interests Writing, Novels, Short Stories, Theatre, Poetry
Profile Colin studied Drama at the University of Northumbria, and also has a Post Grad Diploma in Community Education. He was a founder and Artistic Director of WAC Theatre in Aberdeen. His novels and play scripts are available via Smashwords (also a few on Amazon), and his short stories have appeared in several literary magazines. He currently live in a humble cottage in North East Scotland where he write novels, plays, stories, poems and the occasional song.

Published Works

  GingerTom's (a.k.a. Colin Garrow)  Novel The Architect's Apprentice is published on Smashwords (free eBook) and Amazon (Paperback).
  • London, 1630. A boy searching for his father. A villain stealing books. Forced to work for the dubious Savidge, eleven-year-old Tom Fennel is desperate to find his missing father. Distrustful of what he's heard, he's sure Savidge is involved...

  •   GingerTom's (a.k.a. Colin Garrow)  Novel The Hounds of Hellerby Hall is published by Amazon.
  • Edinburgh, 1897. Blood on the table, murder in the hall. Eleven-year-old Christie McKinnon is not happy - the editor of ‘McMurdo’s Weekly’ has once again turned down her story. But this time, Christie determines not to give up - taking a chance...

  •   GingerTom's (a.k.a. Colin Garrow)  Novel The Devil's Porridge Gang is published in Amazon - ebook and paperback.
  • Mid-range, 9-12 yrs: In a former mining town, following the excitement of the moon landings, a group of criminals plan to kidnap the son of a Government rocket engineer - but they don’t expect a gang of kids to get in the way...

  •   GingerTom's (a.k.a. Colin Garrow)  Stage Play Love Song in Sixteen Bars is published in Amazon - ebook and paperback.
  • Stage play. Ever been in one of those relationships? You know - the ones that don't work? Whenever Shona embarks on a new relationship, she always ends up getting dumped. So when her latest one starts to hit the rocks, she decides to find out why.

  •   GingerTom's (a.k.a. Colin Garrow)  Short Story Collection How the World Turns (and Other Stories) is published in Smashwords (eBook) and Amazon (Paperback).
  • He thinks that when he walks, his own feet propel the earth: that his movements keep the world going round. Literally. Each stride supplies the momentum for another motion forward, the ground shifting backwards beneath him, away into the distance...

  •   GingerTom's (a.k.a. Colin Garrow)  Stage Play Towards the Inevitability of Catastrophe is published in Amazon - ebook and paperback.
  • Stage play. It sounds like her, has her laughter and her pain. But it isn’t her. Or is it? This is a play about Suzy, though…not really.

  •   GingerTom's (a.k.a. Colin Garrow)  Stage Play The Body In The Bag is published in Smashwords (eBook) and Amazon (Paperback).
  • Edinburgh, 1827. In their shabby lodging house, William Hare encourages his drinking partner William Burke to think about the future, about an easier way of making a living...

  •   GingerTom's (a.k.a. Colin Garrow)  Novel The House That Wasn't There is published on Amazon - ebook and paperback. (Available 1st December 2015)
  • There's a new trade in the city - one that deals in children. On a cold November morning in 1890's Edinburgh, Christie McKinnon and her pal Donal discover a young boy is missing from home. And he's not the only one - someone is stealing chi

  •   GingerTom's (a.k.a. Colin Garrow)  Novel Mortlake is published on Amazon - ebook and paperback. (Available 15th November 2015)
  • London, 1630. Felch is back, and this time he's determined to get what he wants. But Tom and his friends have other things on their minds - when one of Deacon's maps is stolen, the ancient and mysterious library of Dr Dee seems to...

  •   GingerTom's (a.k.a. Colin Garrow)  short story collection Girlfriend Interrupted (and Other Fictions) is published by Amazon (eBook and Paperback). (Available 27 February 2016)
  • This exciting collection of stories hints at the darker side of life: a dead wife comes back from the grave, a sinister agency demands a lot from its workers, an unhappy lover yearns for a way out and a cleaner finds her employers have disappeared...

  •   GingerTom's (a.k.a. Colin Garrow)  Historical Crime Comedy The Watson Letters - Volume 1: Something Wicker This Way Comes is published by Colin Garrow. (Available 7 March 2016)
  • In a not quite Post-Victorian, steampunk parallel universe, Holmes and Watson continue their fight against crime. Based on the infamous Blog of the same name, this indecorous take on the Holmes and Watson stories pitch the detecting duo into...

  •   GingerTom's (a.k.a. Colin Garrow)  Historical Crime Comedy The Watson Letters - Volume 2: Not the 39 Steps is published on Colin Garrow. (Available 15 July 2016)
  • Holmes and Watson continue their fight against crime in a not quite Post-Victorian, steampunk parallel universe... In three new adventures, the intrepid duo team up with Richard Hannay to do battle with Moriarty in...

  •   GingerTom's (a.k.a. Colin Garrow)  Non-Fiction Book Writing: Ideas and Inspirations (or How to Make Things Up) is published on Colin Garrow. (Available 27 February 2016)
  • As most successful writers will tell you, one of the hardest things about writing is getting started. In this collection of articles, Writer, Musician, Hermit, Pie-Maker and Time-Traveller Colin Garrow explores ways of generating ideas...

  •   GingerTom's (a.k.a. Colin Garrow)  mystery thriller Death on a Dirty Afternoon is published in Colin Garrow. (Available 3 December 2016)
  • When taxi driver Frank is found dead on his dining room table, ex-cabbie Terry Bell assumes his old friend died of a heart attack. But when Terry's former boss also turns up with his face bashed in, it starts to look like there's a connection...

  • Personal Blog Posts

     How to Turn (Another) Idea into a Novel… A little while ago, I wrote about the inspiration behind my last book ‘Death on a Dirty Afternoon’ which came out in November. With three other books currently germinating away (ie being written), I hadn’t intended embarking on another one just yet, howev...
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     Ten Tweets I Hate About You... It galls me to admit it, but I absolutely love Twitter – I love the variety and randomness of it, the occasional surprises and the nice (or otherwise) responses I get when folks like what I’m putting out there. However, there’s a ton of things I ...
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     How to Not Write Whether you've got a deadline to meet or not, the act of sitting down and writing every day isn't the easiest of routines to stick to. And while the reasons we come up with for not working on that novel/play/story/poem are pretty much limitless, t...
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