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Name Matt Aitken
User Name Mattyai16
Home Page http://mattsart.netsender.co.uk
Birthday 13/11/1985
Specialism Fiction
Location West Midlands
Profile Inspired mostly at night when free time takes its toll on me and I`m not out socialising. My inspiration is split pretty evenly between art and writing, depending also on art deadlines.

Im building up quite a collection of expositions, but have yet to have a major breakthrough with something i feel truly passionate about.

On other news, I don`t even do English A-level (you could tell though, right?) and want to be an architect!

Latest Work

Wind chime [3] (from start to complete first scene with Hannah and Adam) by Mattyai16 Word Count: 3409

Sorry to post this from the beginning again, but again some small things have beenaltered. Olny a few words in the first scene, but the fraction of the second scene i previously posted has evolved quite a lot in language terms. What do you think of the end to the scene? Do you think I should continue and finish it properly with the love scene? Or leave it as an imagination task for the reader? Criticism, comments and suggestions are, as always, extremely welcome (and much wanted). 
31 Jul 2003

Wind chime (more polished original and more...) by Mattyai16 Word Count: 1817

The end is first, then the beginning of them. Very rough in places but i had to write it down while i had some inspiration (3AM this morning). Im entirely unconvinced by the second scene, as i feel it drifts off towards the end, but comments, criticism and advice is very very welcome! 
26 Jul 2003

Wind Chime by Mattyai16 Word Count: 444

The start of a novel, but end of a story. Very early, pretty jagged around the edges.. but i like it for some strange reason. I feel it has emotion, and depth which really isn't there... I also have an idea for a story behind it.. I might have found my story, and perhaps my style. Perhaps indeed. 
21 Jun 2003

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