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A Lullaby by Zettel Word Count: 255

Loved comforting my children and now grandchildren: just the sound and vibrations of one's voice seemed to work. Made up the tune and the words as I went along with pretty mixed results.Seems to me a Lullaby is a very distinct form with constant repetition whose familiarity is part of the comforting effect. So just once I thought I'd try this form. Test I guess is can one 'hear' it sung. 
19 Apr 2018

A Passing Smile by Zettel Word Count: 160

More about the profound value of laughter and humour than just a single comic. Not my personal favourite comedian but one much-loved across class. Always broad, rarely smutty and never obscene. Eccentric personal life but deeply knowledgeable about humour. A closet intellectual it seems. 
13 Mar 2018

I Am by Zettel Word Count: 240

7 Jan 2018

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