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 The best criminal minds Been covering the ITV3 Crime Thriller Awards for suite101.com. This is the inaugural event and I think the judges and public got most of the awards about right. I'm particularly pleased that Ian Rankin got Author of the Year for Exit Music (a...
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 The edit crunch Anyone got experience of editing a book? I think I'm due to start working with Iota's editor, Kimberly Cole, soon. Having edited magazines and prepared copy for all kinds of publications I'm pretty au fait with the process for article...
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 1980s London in all its gory detail I rarely read horror stories these days but I've just finished a really good one The House of Lost Souls by FG Cottam. Its chilling atmosphere descends on you quickly while the yarn relies on character and fine storytelling to build towards its...
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Ghost in the dust (Final) by Jago Word Count: 3183

This is a short story with a ghostly element. And as they say on all horror movie posters these days, that part is based on true events. Which was the spark for the story. And rather than be a short story about isolated events, I wanted to do a short piece about a whole life. 
26 Apr 2006

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