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Name David Bamber
User Name archgimp
Home Page http://www.alldebate.net
Birthday 15/04/1980
Specialism Fiction
Location South East
Interests Reading, Writing, Debate, Technology and Design
Profile Many a man may well know a gimp, but a gimp shall know thee too. For many a day you can chase your gimp, but your gimp has off aflew.

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Susan by archgimp Word Count: 300

Entry for FFII week 7 challenge. Hope it counts. Five characters including the MC. Prosp, you run a tight ship, this was not easy. 
23 Feb 2006

Husbands and Wives by archgimp Word Count: 497

This is the first attempt I made at Flash Fiction without a prompt. I've done more since, but challenges have superceded them in the one-per-two-days-rule priority. 
8 Jan 2006

Each has their own way by archgimp Word Count: 469

This is the flash that came to mind when I read Dreamer's 'A Parting Gift'. Thought I would share it with you all while I try to come up with something for the latest challenge. 
3 Jan 2006

Drabble of Desire by archgimp Word Count: 100

Poets and philosophers have defined love in thousands of words. Here's my try in 100. (now edited to reflect comments) 
31 Dec 2005

Making a list by archgimp Word Count: 802

My first ever try at Flash Fiction. Saw the post, the excellent images told me this tale on their own, all I did was write it down. Almost exactly 800 words, and from what I've read it nearly breaks all the tenets of normal flash fiction. Still - practice will make perfect. 
20 Dec 2005

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