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Name Irene Cunningham
User Name ireneintheworld
Home Page http://runawaygranny.blogspot.com
Specialism All the above
Location Scotland
Interests art, photography, ceramics, anything creative
Profile I am a self-made woman who has recently discovered that it doesn`t matter where in the world I happen to be, I do the same stuff...so I may as well be in Glasgow, near my family and friends. I`m saving, and buying, for my new wee flat in the loch lomond area - which I should have later in the year. I think I`m ready now to settle down and do more arty-farty stuff.

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 THE LONG HAUL Iím saying goodbye to my old writing community; after three years itíll seem strange not to click in there for a chat, but itís time to move on, for a while. I might return at some point because it feels like home. Iím a bit like a teenager, running off t...
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 Well, What a Surprise - not Well, I think Iíve battered Chapter One into the right kind of shape. Now I can push through the next four chapters to get to the muddy bit; the bit that hadnít been written/created before I dived into Nano. This is where I have to take myself in hand and...
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 TWINKLE Thinking about fairies, my mind springs into a land of lilac and green. My whole bedroom is painted lilac (I was given the paint) and I stuck luminous stars on the ceiling with a crescent moon (was given them too) to bring a little magic into my life. The...
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