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Name Libby Gomersall
User Name Geebie
Birthday 24/03/1962
Specialism Non-Fiction
Location Other EU
Interests All far too shallow to list
Profile An expat who escaped the daily grind of the school run infavour of a B list celebrity lifestyle in the sun! Translated this means we couldn`t stand the UK climate anymore and could only afford to live in Bulgaria, where we can quaff endless glasses of cheap plonk, go to the beach and not bother getting a job.

Latest Work

Cut The Bull Chapter 2 by Geebie Word Count: 2956

The Goms have emigrated to Bulgaria, but their first impressions of the country they have never visited are a far cry from Peter Mayle's A Year in Provence. 
25 May 2007

Cut the bull Chapter 1 rewrite by Geebie Word Count: 6324

A humourous account of a family, the Goms, who emigrate to Bulgaria. 
17 Feb 2007

Cut the Bull by Geebie Word Count: 1509

A humorous yet informative account of a middle class family,the Goms,who decide they can no longer tolerate their average UK lifestyle. They decide to move to a place in the sun and randomly pick the former Communist state of Bulgaria. She is a shopaholic who worships the High Street, he is an alcoholic who lives in the local pub. Their adorable children are street- wise little brats who have been brought up with the laissez faire parenting method of two people with their own hidden agendas. 
13 Feb 2007

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