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Name Rosy Cole
User Name pilgrimrose
Home Page www.pilgrimrose.com
Specialism Fiction
Location British Isles
Interests historical fiction and biography, literary fiction, poetry, theatre, painting, gemmology, singing
Profile Rosy Cole started writing in her teens. Four apprentice works led to two published novels. Life intervened, but she returned to authorship in 2004. Titles include THE TWAIN, Poems of Earth and Ether. Two other collections are in preparation. As well as the 1st and 2nd Books in the Berkeley Series, she`s written other historical titles and one of literary fiction. Work is under way on the 3rd Berkeley book. All titles are now published under the New Eve imprint.

Published Works

  pilgrimrose's (a.k.a. Rosy Cole)   My Mother Bids Me is published . (Available Now)
  • Echoes of a strange past haunted Roisin. She dimly knew her destiny lay far beyond the South Downs rectory where she had been so strictly reared. Manoeuvred into an uninspiring marriage, she escaped to make her own way in a society overshadowed by the Nap

  •   pilgrimrose's (a.k.a. Rosy Cole)   A House Not Made With Hands is published . (Available Now)
  • This novelised history of a celebrated Wreake Valley Chapel was originally written by request. It is the true story of one community's struggle to bring New Jerusalem out of the clouds against formidable odds during a quarter of a millennium of radica

  •   pilgrimrose's (a.k.a. Rosy Cole)   The Wolf and The Lamb is published . (Available Now)
  • When Mary Cole, a butcher's daughter from Gloucester, caught the eye of Lord Berkeley, it was as flint to tinder. A libertine and a forsworn bachelor, he was taken aback that she refused to be his mistress. Within weeks, he'd brought her family to

  •   pilgrimrose's (a.k.a. Marion Grace (Rosy Cole))   Dreams of Gold is published . (Available Now)
  • When Angel learnt her days were numbered, she found it impossible to confide in her husband, Jude. Immersed in the precarious expansion of his business, he little suspected the true cause of her changing health and outlook. Events seemed only too ready to

  •   pilgrimrose's (a.k.a. Rosy Cole)   The Twain, Poems of Earth and Ether is published . (Available Now)
  • Reflective, rhapsodic, comic, tragic, this collection of poems harmonises varied layers of human experience.

  •   pilgrimrose's (a.k.a. Rosy Cole)   The Mustard Seed is published . (Available Now)
  • A children's play about Mary Jones, a Welsh girl of Georgian times who saved for six long years and walked 25 miles barefoot to obtain a rare copy of the Bible in Welsh. Her amazing story saw the British & Foreign Bible Society launched in 1804. This

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