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Diane Becker

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 Reading at night Find it difficult to read at night so keep a notebook and pen by the bed - sods law - ideas strike just as I’ve got comfortable. But I do keep a selection of books - either reference (see photo) or books I can read short sections of without losing the p...
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 Googling analogies Googling analogies. 17200 results in search of a simile for hissing like something less cliched than snakes. Found some interesting comparisons. Hissing like: Liberals / a cat / a banshee / an ex-wife / a rabid dog / a mother / a can of...
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 Visual inspiration I posted this image [see full post] on my page at Six Sentences but thought I’d post it here as well. One person said she’d found it inspiring and asked if I minded if she used it as starting point for a poem. It makes me happy if people want to use ...
( from http://notdesignedtojuggle.wordpress.com...)

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