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Name stephanie dennis
User Name spud
Specialism Various
Location South East
Interests reading, writing, yoga, my kids (not necessarily in that order)
Profile I always use to write but then `life` got in the way and I forgot where I left my pen.Through a series of coincidental events I recently found my self attending a creative writing summer school and felt as though I had woken up.
A natural sceptic, I had to question my belief when a healer recently told me (having only just met me) that I was "...a very creative person trapped in a left-brained world." I think that I`ve had enough hints, so here goes...

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Exorcising colour by spud Word Count: 390

Not so much a short story, more a mini narrative - an exercise in colour. 
22 Oct 2003

haiku by spud Word Count: 10

a response to HollyB's challenge to write one about veg! 
30 May 2004

Home Cooking by spud Word Count: 1088

This is a re-written piece. Those of you who read the original - well I hope this is a little more coherent! 
26 Nov 2003

Lady Moon by spud Word Count: 117

One for the girls... 
26 Oct 2003

Lipstick by spud Word Count: 417

just a little observation 
18 Mar 2004

My Hero by spud Word Count: 120

On October 31 a man dressed as Spiderman climbed a 100ft crane next to Tower Bridge, to protest about hislack of access to his estranged child. Although the roads have now re-opened, he is still up there... 
5 Nov 2003

No use crying... by spud Word Count: 284

30 Nov 2003

Shock to a city girl by spud Word Count: 57

Just came back from a countyside trip... 
21 Feb 2004

Stranger? by spud Word Count: 602

14 Nov 2003

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