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Name Brendan Gisby
User Name twistedfoot
Home Page http://the4bs.weebly.com
Specialism Fiction
Location Scotland
Profile I was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, halfway through the 20th century, and was brought up just along the road in South Queensferry (the Ferry) in the shadow of the Forth Bridge. Retiring from a business career in 2007, I have devoted myself to writing. I have published two novels, a collection of short stories and a biography of my late father, all of which can be purchased here on WriteWords.

Published Works

  twistedfoot's (a.k.a. Brendan Gisby)   The Island of Whispers is published . (Available Now)
  • Set on a rocky islet in the shadow of the Forth Railway Bridge, this superbly written tale centres on the creatures who inhabit it - a huge colony of rats who have made their home beneath the crumbling ruins of the monastery. ‘Home’ is hardly the word for

  •   twistedfoot's (a.k.a. Brendan Gisby)   The Olive Branch is published . (Available Now)
  • In 1975, when in his mid-twenties, Brendan Gisby - spurred on by a press report on "The warming of relations between the Republic of China and the USSR" - put his imaginative prowess of words to work, together with the courage of his convictions, and the

  •   twistedfoot's (a.k.a. Brendan Gisby)   Ferry Tales is published . (Available Now)
  • A collection of short stories set in the late 1950's/early 1960's and based upon the Author's own family whilst living in South Queensferry on the Southern shore of the River Forth. The stories are all beautifully written with the characters b

  •   twistedfoot's (a.k.a. Brendan Gisby)   The Bookie's Runner is published . (Available Now)
  • Bob Dylan wrote the classic song 'Knockin' on Heaven's Door' and thereby unforgettably marked the passing of an otherwise insignificant character in the movie 'Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid'. Brendan Gisby has written this utterly b

  • Latest Work

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    Harry`s Big Night by twistedfoot Word Count: 2021

    A tale of woe from the 1960's, with apologies for the language. 
    11 Nov 2009

    Ping Time by twistedfoot Word Count: 3009

    There's a megalomaniac in every company. This is the tale of a particularly nasty one. 
    19 Dec 2009

    The Ballad of Billy G by twistedfoot Word Count: 2408

    A tale of drugs and rock'n'roll based on real events in Edinburgh almost forty years ago. Is it an anecdote, rather than a short story? Does it matter? You tell me. 
    6 Oct 2009

    The Barman by twistedfoot Word Count: 2494

    A tale from the Swinging Sixties, with apologies to any nice, little people who may read it. 
    21 Oct 2009

    The Cowboy by twistedfoot Word Count: 1359

    A story from the late 1960's. 
    20 Aug 2009

    The Dreamer by twistedfoot Word Count: 1347

    Another story from Venice. It's based on a real character. 
    12 Sep 2009

    The Hero by twistedfoot Word Count: 3928

    This story is based on real events which took place in South Queensferry (the Ferry) when I was growing up in the 1950's. 
    14 Aug 2009

    The Priest by twistedfoot Word Count: 3024

    A story from Venice based on actual events. 
    30 Aug 2009

    The Shopkeeper by twistedfoot Word Count: 2327

    A new story that I've added to my Venice collection. Luigi does exist, although I'm sure that that's not his real name. 
    30 Oct 2009

    The Survivor by twistedfoot Word Count: 1831

    A tale of survival inspired by real people and true events. 
    29 Dec 2009

    The Two Stevies by twistedfoot Word Count: 2122

    Holiday high jinks in the 1980's. 
    2 Dec 2009

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