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 The Monochrome Landscape - a decision At 1.45 this morning I made a decision with regard to the future of The Monochrome Landscape. In order to finish it I've decided to take part in a NaNo-like challenge which starts on 1st May and lasts for eighty days, and the goal is to write 80000 wo...
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 Well, I've started! As the title of this post suggests, I have indeed made a start on the main stage of writing The Monochrome Landscape. According to Word I've written 2191 words so far, but Liquid Story Binder says 2185....
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 Let the writing begin! My outline for The Monochrome Landscape is finished, and I think I'm ready to make a start on the writing. Sticking with the course schedule, I should 'officially' make a start during Week 34, which starts on Monday 23rd August....
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