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Name Janet Baldey
User Name Chestersmummy
Birthday 21/05/1940
Specialism Fiction
Groups Fast First Draft   Critique Central   Flash Fiction   Short Story Writers Group  
Location East England
Interests Reading, wildlife, photography
Profile I have written short stories in all genres. I have also written an 85,000 word novel set in the 2nd World War and am working on a more contemporary novel. My short stories have won places in competitions and I have had a ghost story performed live on stage. Now retired, I am a full-time carer for my disabled husband and in whatever spare time I have, I would like it to be devoted to writing and as such, I am seeking to give and receive constructive criticism.

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`Bon Appetit` by Chestersmummy Word Count: 989

Just a bit of fun 
22 Mar 2017

`Write me a love stor` by Chestersmummy Word Count: 4067

Hi - this is Chapters 4&5 of my wartime romance novel. Frank has deserted Flora to go to war and Flora has been left to run the smallholding on her own. However, she finds that however hard she works it is just too much for her and is forced to fall back on Frank's suggestion that a POW is delegated to help her. 
19 Mar 2017

A Hard Life by Chestersmummy Word Count: 906

For challenge 633 
8 Mar 2017

A Hard Life by Chestersmummy Word Count: 1003

For Challenge 645 competition 
22 Jun 2017

A Star Break by Chestersmummy Word Count: 998

Entry for 643 flash fiction competition 
23 May 2017

A Walk in the woods by Chestersmummy Word Count: 907

For FF comp 685 
6 Sep 2018

Bacon Lettuce and Tomatoes by Chestersmummy Word Count: 2342

Just a bit of fun. Comments on content and writing please. New member so hoping for constructive help. 
27 Oct 2016

Bruised, battered and bewildered by Chestersmummy Word Count: 881

For the flash fiction challenge 646 
5 Jul 2017

Climate Change by Chestersmummy Word Count: 824

I'm in with this. Found it quite a challenge! 
21 Jan 2017

Disruption by Chestersmummy Word Count: 1240

This is a short story set in the future. An old lady who has always lived a charmed life faces reality at last. 
2 Nov 2016

Fergus by Chestersmummy Word Count: 1002

Entry for FF comp. 
26 Aug 2018

Free by Chestersmummy Word Count: 1090

Here is the entry I mean to send to fill the gap in the Flash comp. Sorry for any confusion! It must be the heat! That's my excuse anyway. 
25 Jul 2018

Honest Money by Chestersmummy Word Count: 979

For 646 challenge 
5 Jul 2017

Hooked by Chestersmummy Word Count: 896

For the current challenge 
21 Jun 2018

Living a lie by Chestersmummy Word Count: 1486

A Cautionary tale 
1 Jan 2017

My People by Chestersmummy Word Count: 890

For the current challenge 
9 Jun 2018

My People by Chestersmummy Word Count: 890

For the current challenge 
9 Jun 2018

Saviours of the World by Chestersmummy Word Count: 803
1  Comment

Sorry can't seem to extricate myself from previous challenge. Must start taking the tablets again - will think I am one of the Brontes soon. 
9 Jan 2017

The Darker Half by Chestersmummy Word Count: 901

This is the start of the novel I am currently working on. It tells the story of twins who were born enemies and whose mutual antipathy eventually results in tragic consequences for both of them. The story unfolds in a series of flashbacks from the present time to their childhood and early life. It is told from the viewpoint of three people: Anna, the girl twin, Alec the boy twin and a detective. Present time is told in the present tense and the past on the past tense. 
11 Jul 2017

The Darker Half by Chestersmummy Word Count: 901

A Story of dysfunctional twins and how their childhood emnity grows until it eventually leads to tragedy. 
12 Jul 2017

The Darker Half by Chestersmummy Word Count: 2541

This is Chaps 1/2 of my novel. Chap 1 is told from the POV of Alec - the boy twin and Chap 2 is from the POV of Anna the girl twin. They are both about 11 at this stage. 
17 Jul 2017

The Darker Half by Chestersmummy Word Count: 1698

This is Chap 4 of my novel about warring twins. This excerpt is from the POV of Anna, the female twin and the heroine. It starts in present time then reverts to another flashback in Anna's life. 
25 Nov 2017

The Darker Half by Chestersmummy Word Count: 3113

Two more chapters of my novel The Darker Half - a story of warring twins that finally leads to tragedy. The first chapter is a dream sequence that mimics a real episode in her life and the second is where the detective's interest in her story crystallises. 
15 Jan 2018

The Darker Half by Chestersmummy Word Count: 1660

I am hoping to kickstart this site again by posting another chapter of my dysfunctional family saga in which Anna meets her future flatmate and friend, Lucy. A friendship which eventually lead to tragedy. All comments welcome please (it may help to read my other chapters). Thanks a lot. 
10 Sep 2018

The Darker Half - chaps 7 & 8 by Chestersmummy Word Count: 2708

Another two chaps from my novel in progress. Chap 7 is told from the POV of Alec and is meant to show how jealousy is warping his mind and in Chap 8, Anna gets a pet and the seeds of tragedy are sown. 
14 Feb 2018

The Darker Half Chaps 9 and 10 by Chestersmummy Word Count: 2589

Continuing the story of Anna and Alex - partly set in the present with a flashback into the past when Anna was a child 
5 May 2018

The DayDream by Chestersmummy Word Count: 976

For this week's challenge 
8 Apr 2017

The Estuary by Chestersmummy Word Count: 805

Entry for flash fiction comp 19/3/2017 
17 Mar 2017

The Pupil by Chestersmummy Word Count: 989

For the 'food' challenge 
10 Aug 2017

The Traitor Quene by Chestersmummy Word Count: 989

1 Apr 2017

The trouble with Mr Gibson by Chestersmummy Word Count: 746

I wrote this some time ago and thought it would be suitable for the 666 competition. 
24 Jan 2018

The wolf within by Chestersmummy Word Count: 980

679 challenge -976 words 
15 Jun 2018

Wild child by Chestersmummy Word Count: 761

For challenge 648 
4 Aug 2017

Write me a Love Story by Chestersmummy Word Count: 2087

This is Chapter one - after the prologue. You may find it has quite a lot of 'tell' but I wanted to move the story along. 
8 Dec 2016

Write me a love story - Chaps2 &3 by Chestersmummy Word Count: 2546

Onward and upwards - I attach another two chapters of my novel set in the 2nd WW. Flora has been deserted by her husband and now has to carry on alone. 
1 Jan 2017

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