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  CarolineSG's (a.k.a. Caroline Green)   Dark Ride is published . (Available Now)

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     SW: Back in the subbing game - guest post by Jo Carlowe Wrestling with elastic bands, the disappointing thud on the doormat of a returned manuscript and that: ‘From Pitch to Publication’ plug shamelessly inserted into agent Carole Blake’s rejection letters. For me all the above sum up the self-f...
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     SW: Papering over the cracks I received a proof copy of my second YA novel for Piccadilly Press the other day. It’s called Cracks and comes out in May 2012. I started to write this one well before Dark Ride my first book, was accepted, and wanted to tell you a bi...
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     SW: Let it snow ‘Right,’ said my editor, ‘This time round, how about planning a fairly detailed skeleton of the book before you start writing? That way,’ she added sweetly, ‘we can avoid any complications or snags with the plot right at the start.’ She made...
    ( from http://strictlywriting.blogspot.com/...)

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