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Richard Brown

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Name Richard Brown
User Name Richard Brown
Specialism Non-Fiction
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Profile Graduating from Oxford in the late 1960s I had a chance of an academic career but not in my preferred metaphysics so I studied alone, eventually producing a booklet; ‘A Theory of the Universe’. Thereafter I took a ‘proper’ job which still gave time for thought. In early retirement, whilst writing freelance, I worked towards the creation of www.universetheory.com . Responses to this posed fresh challenges which helped to form the book version; ‘Something to Believe’ (see WW ‘Writers’ section).
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Published Works

  Richard Brown's  Modern Metaphysical Theory Something to Believe is published by Right Words. (Available 30/06/2013)
  • The distillation of a lifetime's thought, a completely radical view of the nature of the universe. It poses the crucial question: In which camp shall you settle, the linear or the circular?

  • Latest Work

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    Art Ruler by Richard Brown Word Count: 1166

    Memory of a tyrant 
    27 Mar 2003

    Carol by Richard Brown Word Count: 931

    First chapter of a true life story in novelised format. 
    23 Jan 2003

    Carol 10 by Richard Brown Word Count: 1695

    22 Dec 2004

    Carol 2 by Richard Brown Word Count: 1612
    1  Comment

    The next few pages of the Carol story... 
    18 Mar 2003

    Carol 4 by Richard Brown Word Count: 1756

    Another step on Carol's journey 
    23 Jul 2003

    Carol 5 by Richard Brown Word Count: 2767

    A crucial development in the true story of Carol. 
    27 Aug 2003

    Carol 6 by Richard Brown Word Count: 1890

    More of Carol's biography 
    9 Sep 2003

    Carol 7 by Richard Brown Word Count: 2909

    The next episode of Carol's turbulent life. 
    23 Sep 2003

    Carol 8 by Richard Brown Word Count: 1851

    Carol slides further down the greasy slope... 
    11 Nov 2003

    Carol 9 by Richard Brown Word Count: 1463

    Belatedly - the continuation of Carol's story... 
    10 Dec 2004

    Carol3 by Richard Brown Word Count: 2458

    11 Jun 2003

    Good Companions by Richard Brown Word Count: 1117

    An account of a very recent encounter. It's not part of anything, nor written for any purpose other than fun. 
    3 Jun 2004

    Something to Believe by Richard Brown Word Count: 839

    A feature-style article which summarises my recent book 
    10 Jan 2014

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