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Name Sarah Hilary
User Name tiger_bright
Home Page http://sarah-crawl-space.blogspot.com/
Specialism Fiction
Location South West
Interests Art. Crime. Cinema. Books.
Profile Sarah won the Cheshire Prize for Literaure in 2012, the Sense Creative Award in 2010 and the Fish Criminally Short Histories Prize in 2008. Her short fiction can be found in Smokelong Quarterly, The Best of Every Day Fiction, and the CWA anthology, MO: Crimes of Practice. Her first novel, SOMEONE ELSE`S SKIN, will be published by Headline in 2014, followed a year later by her second novel, LONG GONE.

Published Works

  tiger_bright's (a.k.a. Bill West, John Ritchie, Sarah Hilary and others)   HeavyGlow Flash Fiction is published . (Available Now)
  • Flash fiction written by contributors to the web magazine, HeavyGlow Journal of Flash Fiction, including WriteWords members, Bill West, John Ritchie and Sarah Hilary. This book offers an eclectic mix of sadness, death, surrealism, joy and humor. Often lyr

  •   tiger_bright's (a.k.a. Ed. Leonie Flynn, Daniel Hahn, Susan Reuben)   The Ultimate First Book Guide is published . (Available Now)
  • A team of experts together with favourite children's authors and illustrators recommend over 500 top titles, from much-loved characters and timeless classics to the best in contemporary writing. Includes reviews by Sarah Frost Mellor aka tiger_bright!

  •   tiger_bright's (a.k.a. Contributor: Sarah Hilary)   MO: Crimes of Practice is published . (Available Now)
  • A coroner reveals a cadaver’s tell-tale clues to his students, as he unwittingly dissects his own relationship… A breakdown driver turns his roadside routine into an altogether different type of pick-up… Two creative writing tutors discuss the merit

  •   tiger_bright's (a.k.a. includes two stories by Sarah Hilary)   Fish Anthology 2008 is published . (Available Now)
  • Harlem River Blues features the winners from the 2007 Fish Short Story Prize, the Fish Knife Award 2007, Short Histories III, the Criminally-Short Short Histories Prize (Sarah Hilary), the 2008 One-Page Prize, and the 2008 Fish International Poetry Prize.

  •   tiger_bright's (a.k.a. contributor: Sarah Hilary)   One Step Beyond: Subatomic Anthology is published . (Available Now)
  • Rock and roll meets speculative fiction in twenty tales from the genre's rising stars. From crooning lizard-men to a trip to another dimension with Syd Barrett, from feathery bassists to killer riffs, from Elvis to, well, Elvis, one step beyond will h

  •   tiger_bright's (a.k.a. contributor: Sarah Hilary)   The Best of Every Day Fiction 2008 is published . (Available Now)
  • Flash fiction is generally recognized as being fiction under a thousand words - the perfect length for a coffee break - but despite its appeal as a quick read, it is not simplistic. Quite the opposite; it can and should be one of the most demanding litera

  •   tiger_bright's (a.k.a. Ed. Leonie Flynn, Daniel Hahn, Susan Reuben)   The Ultimate Book Guide is published . (Available Now)
  • The Ultimate Book Guide is the only reference needed - a fully up-to-date guide to the best children's books around - from classics to newly released titles. The funny, friendly and frank recommendations have been personally written for children by ma

  •   tiger_bright's (a.k.a. Contributor: Sarah Hilary)   People of Few Words is published . (Available Now)
  • Fifty Short Humour stories from contributors to The Writers' Showcase of The Short Humour Site: http://www.short-humour.org.uk

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     Second time around the block Yesterday I was lucky enough to spend time with a good friend of mine, a great writer who's worked in Hollywood, among other places. I've always found his company inspirational and yesterday was no exception. We talked about Blood Meridian by Corm...
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     And cut Once upon a time, not so very long ago, the BBC made grown-up television dramas that used a scheduling formula which allowed, roughly, an hour per episode. This was because the BBC, unlike all other UK television channels, did not carry advertising. <...
    ( from http://sarah-crawl-space.blogspot.com/20...)
     Too Much Happiness My review of this latest collection from Alice Munro is up at Critical Literature Review today. Please, if you've read the collection, shed light on the notes at the end of Wenlock's Edge for me. I'd be very grateful....
    ( from http://sarah-crawl-space.blogspot.com/20...)

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