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Paul Isthmus

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Member Since: 27 January 2006
Last visited: 15 February 2012
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Name Paul Inman
User Name Paul Isthmus
Specialism Poetry
Location East England
Interests Theatre, New Media, Music
Profile I`ve had a lot of encouragement about my poetry privately, from teachers and friends, so I thought I`d better do something about it. Write Words seems a good place to start.

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Cliche exercise: Living proof by Paul Isthmus Word Count: 63

Not sure if living proof is a cliche, but it's certainly a well worn phrase. 
23 Mar 2006

Gap Year in Thailand by Paul Isthmus Word Count: 473

Thi is pronounced the same as 'tea' or simply, 't'. 
8 Aug 2006

Houses of Glass (unseasonal) by Paul Isthmus Word Count: 124

I'm on a free trial which runs out soon so I'm going to post something I wrote before coming to the site - not part of any exercise - sorry! Unadventurous I know. 
2 Feb 2006

Inlet by Paul Isthmus Word Count: 397

Now updated with the well recommended cuts from DJC. 
16 Mar 2006

Latin exercise: Absolute Power by Paul Isthmus Word Count: 198

Third stage done now. I'll leave it to sit for a while. 
26 Jun 2006

Reboot America by Paul Isthmus Word Count: 1617

Been writing this at work bit by bit. Is unfinished but I thought I'd post it anyway. 
7 Nov 2006

Spending Power by Paul Isthmus Word Count: 403

Given up on the Reboot America poem for the moment. Wrote this a while back, keep returning to it. Handily, it suits the winter exercise. 
12 Dec 2006

The shape a lover has by Paul Isthmus Word Count: 337

24 Jun 2006

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