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Name Ian MacMillan
User Name scamp
Birthday 21/11/1943
Specialism Fiction
Location Scotland
Interests Books, Burns and Bens
Profile I am`mature`enough to have time to write. My home looks out, over a sea bay, to a spectacular range of Wester Ross mountains. I have no excuse for not being inspired by nature I have prepared several articles on Robert Burns, who I respect, and set up a lively Burns club here in the Hielans. I meld the above, sit in my armchair in the bay window looking out at the view, then reach for my quill and a large crystal glass of golden single malt. Life`s a bitch for a writer!

Latest Work

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Angels for breakfast 1 by scamp Word Count: 945

I have recently rejoined and would appreciate any comments on the two short submissions with this title 
2 Aug 2008

Angels for breakfast 2 by scamp Word Count: 1154

Any comments appreciated on this alt version to this title 
6 Aug 2008

Autumn and Xmas by scamp Word Count: 965

Our writer's group up here in the 'Hielans' have been asked to produce some short stories to be read out on local radio, any comments appreciated, but anyway, I hope to raise a smile Awrabest Ian 
7 Nov 2010

Away`n Work by scamp Word Count: 1127

I would appreciate comments on the following. I am new so hit me gently. 
22 Feb 2006

Charon by scamp Word Count: 492

28 Apr 2006

Charon by scamp Word Count: 64

15 Sep 2013

Homecoming by scamp Word Count: 512

Our local writer's group agreed this title for obvious reasons and also the length. My original was about 800 words before pruning. Do you think it shows? Any comments welcome. 
4 Feb 2009

Homecoming 2 of 3 by scamp Word Count: 937

This is my second 'Homecoming' story. I am sure most know that Scotland is celebrating the 250th Anniversary of Robert Burns as well as golf, whisky etc, Our local writers group have been asked to contribute to an evening with this heading of stories, poems, music and song. I would appeciate any comments. 
10 Feb 2009

Homecoming 3a by scamp Word Count: 631

Any comments appreciated I have 2 endings for this therefore the a 
13 Feb 2009

Homecoming 3b by scamp Word Count: 507

I thought I'd try a different ending. Any comments appreciated 
21 Feb 2009

Homecoming 4 by scamp Word Count: 404

Sorry for the 'Homecoming deluge' just one more to go - a variation on 3. Do you think this works or is it boring? Comments appreciated 
15 Feb 2009

Mea Culpa by scamp Word Count: 323

Comments appreciated on this short piece of nonsense. Ian 
30 Aug 2010

Mother`s Milk by scamp Word Count: 1118

24 Feb 2006

Napoleon`s Second Nightmare by scamp Word Count: 975

I would appreciate any comments on the following contribution to our local writer's group 
1 Sep 2008

Napoleons Nightmare by scamp Word Count: 862

Any comments appreciated 
20 Aug 2008

Trapped in the Tandoori by scamp Word Count: 2689

Thanks for all your comments on 'The Worst Case Scenario' I thought I'd seek your views on my latest indigestion. Any thoughts appreciated and Becca, thanks for the welcome to the group 
16 Apr 2006

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