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Name Jenni Johnston
User Name Jenniren
Specialism Fiction
Location Northern Ireland
Interests reading, writing, drinking and dancing.
Profile I am 25, about to turn 26. i write mostly for fun. I`ve always doodled wee stories to escape from the world around me. Basically i write characters who`s life are far more dramic and interesting than mine.. so it`s all a bit melodramic...like me! hehe

Latest Work

Karen2 by Jenniren Word Count: 5018

next bit???? Are you bored yet. Have read over but bound to be typos...fell free to point out. Is this too long?? What could i cut? sorry it's so long..... 
1 Jul 2006

Karen by Jenniren Word Count: 1881

This is the first part of the story from Karens point of view. Not sure whether to put this next or continue with the Lily bit i have writen. Tell me what you think. 
23 Jun 2006

Grace by Jenniren Word Count: 1282

Just another wee thing i found. An idea i got while working in an old fokes home, where we had a several patients that could not communicate or move or eat. So thats my setting, the end of life in a home haunted by death. 
21 Jun 2006

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