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Bella And Edward by groovygal2k Word Count: 1348
1  Comment

Character: Bella Edward Alice Bella and Edward are still together. After being accepted into Dartmouth they decide to go off to university but before they leave, edward has promised to turn bella into a vampire. Will edward go through with his decision? Or will he continue to use distractions?  
17 Jul 2008

Beyond Here (Chapter 1) by groovygal2k Word Count: 1932

Chapter 1 - slightly edited. thankyou to everyone that gave their comments! much appreciated!  
1 Jan 2008

Beyond Here (Chapter 2) by groovygal2k Word Count: 1543

Chapter 2  
28 Jan 2008

Happy Holidays From Hell (chapter 1) - Twilight FanFiction by groovygal2k Word Count: 3950
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Twilight Fanfiction - Bella and Edward are having christmas at the Cullens, but a few rather unexpected guests arrive, and they are not sure what to expect! Only have 1.2 chapters done so far...but ive had good reviews on other sites, so i wondered what you all thought! i know its fanfiction, but it is still legal! lol 
11 Nov 2008

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