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Name Jean-Pierre Jordaan
User Name Panther
Birthday 20/01/1983
Location Other International
Interests Too many to mention – relative to this site would be Reading, Writing, being in water – swimming.
Profile Tall, dark and hardy. I consider myself rather well read in the SciFi/Fantasy genre. Reading is best form of escapism. I have a very individualistic personality – frankly I refuse to “just blend in”. I scorn those who blends to survive life. Apart from that, I am probably a good guy. One can learn much more by simple listening and observing than doing. Once a person got through my defences they find me to be a very likeable person. I’ll stop here. Too much to say – don’t want to bore either.

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DOODLER FOR HIRE by Panther Word Count: 1239

I did this just for fun. I wanted to try and write something macabre – and I liked it. I tried to write it in such a manner that it can be dissected and analysed from any angle and still leave room for speculation. 
19 Jul 2003

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