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Ask Mr. Fry? by Tina Word Count: 172

A rant - not great poetry - a summer spent reading stuff I cannot relate to and looking at whoopi art! 
19 Sep 2007

At this time of year by Tina Word Count: 95

At a risk of being 'gonged' out of the class I have hastily penned this - by hastily I mean with a lot less time given that I would have liked but still not quickly. !! 
27 Dec 2006

Attic by Tina Word Count: 94

I am not sure where this came from - an amalgamum (is that the right spelling?) of ideas I guess. 
15 Jan 2009

communication by Tina Word Count: 187

Well we finally have our Internet fixed after almost 8 weeks - ho hum. This is a gathering of images I 'collected' on holiday - part real experience and part fantasy - the blue room and the people were 'observed' and the heat was real! I am posting this now 'cos I am a bit stuck with it and need some objectivity. I know this is a bit of a theme for me but I am fascinated by peoples responses to each other. Anyhow all help and comments welcome 
31 Aug 2005

Critics Choice by Tina Word Count: 207

Hi all returned to the fold after a short break ands this may well be a swansong for this group - as my membership is fading as I write (ah how sentimental!!!) Anyroadup here it is folks 
8 May 2006

Seven by Tina Word Count: 158

I have been working onthis for a long time - mostly because I have had too little time to really focus on my writing - anyway I wonder what you will make of it?? 
6 Jul 2005

Sisyphus by Tina Word Count: 163

Sorry to have been away for so long - too many things to do - Wonder what you all make of this which was a much longer poem once - it has been written in a specific style - narrative of a specific event( no abstractions) - wonder of the feeling of that event comes through and not sure about the title - any suggestions? 
11 Jun 2008

Tsunami by Tina Word Count: 84

3 Jan 2005

Wounding by Tina Word Count: 109

Hi folks returned to the fold - this seen recently in the park 
24 Jul 2006

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