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Bald Man

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Name Colin Neville
User Name Bald Man
Home Page http://www.writewords.org.uk/colinneville/
Specialism Fiction
Location Yorkshire and Humberside
Interests Book-selling
Profile Retired lecturer: 4 non-fiction books published; a self-published novel; short stories published by Ether Books, `Feathered Flounder`, and `Writers` Forum`. I run my own online bookselling business (design bindings; limited editions), live in Yorkshire.

Published Works

  Bald Man's (a.k.a. Colin Neville)   Millstone is published . (Available Now)
  • The truth is what you want it to be. Bryan Young is an unconventional and challenging teacher in a junior school, popular with the pupils, but at odds with the head teacher, his deputy, and the school priest. Bryan's world is shattered when he

  •   Bald Man's (a.k.a. edited by Colin Neville)  Short Story Anthology Child in Me is published in FeedaRead. (Available 2013)
  • Child in Me is an anthology of sixteen short stories, written for adults, on the theme of childhood. There is a foreword by the author and broadcaster, Gloria Hunniford. All royalties from sales will go to support the work of The Grandparentsí Ass

  •   Bald Man's (a.k.a. Colin Neville & Michael Callaghan)  Non-fiction (local history) Busbys: A shop full of memories is published in Bradford Museums and Galleries Heritage. (Available 2008)
  • An illustrated history of Busbys' - a major department store in Bradford, West Yorkshire, using oral and written memories of both staff and customers.

  •   Bald Man's (a.k.a. Colin Neville)  Non-fiction The Complete Guide to Referencing and Avoiding Plagiarism (2nd edition) is published in McGraw Hill/Open University Press. (Available 2010)
  • A guide for students on the what, when, where, why and how of referencing evidence in assignments, and on how to avoid plagiarism in academic writing. (12,000 copies sold; recently translated into Chinese for the student market in China.)

  •   Bald Man's (a.k.a. Colin Neville)  Non-fiction How to Improve Your Assignment Results is published in McGraw Hill/Open University Press. (Available 2009)
  • A guide for students to help improve grades for their essays and reports.

  •   Bald Man's (a.k.a. Colin Neville)  General Fiction Millstone is published in FeedaRead. (Available 2011)
  • A male teacher in a primary school struggles to clear his name after false allegations of sexual misconduct are made by pupils and a parent against him.

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    A Respectable Life by Bald Man Word Count: 2033

    I've written this as a short story to be read aloud. It's to enter for a competition at a story telling festival later this year (The 'Settle Stories Festival'). 
    24 May 2013

    Justice by Bald Man Word Count: 2155

    Some of you may have seen an uncorrected version of this already under a different title. 
    15 Oct 2012

    Last Word by Bald Man Word Count: 1197

    Written for a competition, so give it a good kicking; the judges will if you don't. 
    2 Mar 2013

    Limbo by Bald Man Word Count: 2680

    This is my first attempt at writing a script for a play. The play is in three acts, this is the first. Lace up your Doc Martens and go for it. Colin 
    31 Jan 2013

    Selling Fine Press Books by Bald Man Word Count: 2022

    This is my text for a Squigoo 'lens' on my retirement business, which is the buying and selling of, mainly, fine press books. I was locked out of the Squigoo site for plagiarism, but there isn't a word on here that has been copied from elsewhere; I suspect it is about my use of book images, taken (with permission)from the printer's sites. However, in the meantime, I would welcome the usual IC scrutiny. There is a lot of 'telling' in this, I'm afraid. 
    21 Jun 2013

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