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Name Mark Goodwin
User Name Maricellus
Specialism Fiction
Groups Short Story Writers Group   Finding Your Feet   Flash Fiction  
Location East Midlands
Interests Reading, writing, Violin, Baroque music and the weird.
Profile I`m originally from the East Midlands but currently living and working in Shanghai. Over the last something years I have written short stories off and on (mostly off than on) and want to get started again. I need inspiration, nursing or someone to tell me to stop being a dreamer. And then I found this site. It looks perfect to me - but I am a novice, a neophyte a mere scribbler and I see that so many people here are published authors. Well, that`s what I want to be so let`s see how it goes.

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Autumn Years by Maricellus Word Count: 1327

Two very shorts stitched together as they were both written after a first sentence prompt and the idea flowed together. It's a bit melancholy 
15 May 2014

Living on the edge by Maricellus Word Count: 1128

Hello everyone - OK I'm new here - whoops - but just to get going I wrote this a while ago as a stream of consciousness exercise - but is it really a story? 
14 May 2014

We are all Sun eaters by Maricellus Word Count: 737

A conversation between God and his Project Manager 
19 Oct 2014

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