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Name Abdul-Hameed Abubakar
User Name dhuldhul1
Specialism Various
Location London
Interests Screenplays, Film, Journalism,Photography, Fine Art and BasketBall
Profile To say would be asking to much.

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Shot down on Randolph Avenue by dhuldhul1 Word Count: 1622

It was the 12th of April, 2003 and I hadn’t a care in the world. The shrill sound of a little girl, screaming ‘my daddy! daddy, daddy !’ I had seen people shot before, just never one shot in the head.  
14 Apr 2003

The Tyrant Dictator, an African Prespective- ( working title) by dhuldhul1 Word Count: 420
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He will use every means at his disposal to get his fellow country men and women to believe in him. He will expose to them their true worth. Nothing. He will arrest activitists, sometimes hanging them after a kangaroo court has passed judgment, all in the name of protecting certain interests, be it for the government or for an oil company.  
5 Apr 2003

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