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Name Evie Sullivan
User Name sabriel
Specialism Fiction
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Kitchen God (Gung Hey Fat Choy) by sabriel Word Count: 600

A short short that I wrote for a competition, but I read the entry date wrong and the comp's already ended! 
5 Jan 2005

Pride of Lyons - first edit by sabriel Word Count: 2424

I've cut some of the poncey language and deadwood of description, hopefully it's pacier now. 
24 Jan 2005

Pride of Lyons-beginning of Young adult novel by sabriel Word Count: 2751

Orane Lyons, the first girl born to the Lyons family in centuries, is conflicted about her role in her family and in her village. Her brother, Bastien, has gone missing and is presumed dead. He is the heir to the Lyons title of Warrior, and Orane feels she must find him or a terrible evil will encroach on the village and all she holds dear. 
10 Jan 2005

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