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 Carpe Diem 2010 has been something of a mixed year for me. In January I developed an unexplained pain in my right elbow. By mid-July I could barely walk. After undergoing a number of tests, I was eventually diagnosed with a bone disorder and started treatment, a bad...
( from http://emma-king-farlow.blogspot.com/201...)
 So What's Been Happening? Five unexpected events that have occurred since last I blogged: 1) A Barba Do Tio Alonso arrived in the post - Uncle Alonzo is a fully-fledged Brazilian at last! Now all I need is someone who speaks Portuguese to translate for me... ( from http://emma-king-farlow.blogspot.com/200...)
 Emma vs Technology Like Alien vs Predator (though with slightly less gore and rather more swearing), the saga of Emma vs Technology continues. I may have mentioned this before but, in the present circumstances, I feel it bears repeating: Technology Hates Me....
( from http://emma-king-farlow.blogspot.com/200...)

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