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Name David Bamber
User Name archgimp
Home Page http://www.alldebate.net
Birthday 15/04/1980
Specialism Fiction
Location South East
Interests Reading, Writing, Debate, Technology and Design
Profile Many a man may well know a gimp, but a gimp shall know thee too. For many a day you can chase your gimp, but your gimp has off aflew.

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Drabble of Desire by archgimp Word Count: 100

Poets and philosophers have defined love in thousands of words. Here's my try in 100. (now edited to reflect comments) 
31 Dec 2005

Each has their own way by archgimp Word Count: 469

This is the flash that came to mind when I read Dreamer's 'A Parting Gift'. Thought I would share it with you all while I try to come up with something for the latest challenge. 
3 Jan 2006

Husbands and Wives by archgimp Word Count: 497

This is the first attempt I made at Flash Fiction without a prompt. I've done more since, but challenges have superceded them in the one-per-two-days-rule priority. 
8 Jan 2006

Making a list by archgimp Word Count: 802

My first ever try at Flash Fiction. Saw the post, the excellent images told me this tale on their own, all I did was write it down. Almost exactly 800 words, and from what I've read it nearly breaks all the tenets of normal flash fiction. Still - practice will make perfect. 
20 Dec 2005

Susan by archgimp Word Count: 300

Entry for FFII week 7 challenge. Hope it counts. Five characters including the MC. Prosp, you run a tight ship, this was not easy. 
23 Feb 2006

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