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Last visited: 26 October 2006
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Name Andy White
User Name Swike
Specialism Fiction
Location East Midlands
Interests Action, Adventure, Natural history & Fast Cars
Profile First time novelist: I`ve just got to spin this yarn. Had the idea when I was 18, and twelve years later writing "Captain Ghost and the Warriors of Evolution" has become a new years resolution I am determined not to break...

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Captain ghost and the warriors of evolution Ch3, V2 by Swike Word Count: 3670

Same as Ch 2, still fine tunin' 
17 Sep 2003

Captain ghost and the warriors of evolution, Ch2 (Unsorted) by Swike Word Count: 3866

This is unfinished, but I'd still like some feedback (Feels like I've been a long time away...) 
16 Sep 2003

Captian Ghost and the Warriors of Evolution - CH1(Corrected) by Swike Word Count: 4075
1  Comment

Still fine tuning......... 
29 Jul 2003

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