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 SW - First Impressions Have you ever been on the end of a cringeworthy chat up line? You know the type: "Get your coat love, you've pulled" or the one that I married, "Dance with me. I'm avoiding the girl behind you." Well, they say first impressions count... ...
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 SW - Welcome To... (See Picture) I've decided to call the last twenty one days my Ëśweird weeks". Picasso had a blue phase so I think I'm allowed a weird one. Three weeks ago, I was happily sitting in the family home we've been in for sixteen years and now we're selling i...
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 SW - When To Whip The WIP So, I decided before going on holiday that on my return, it would be head down for the rest of August to finish the first draft of the current WIP. The trouble is twenty five thousand words in and recently I've had these other characters, fro...
( from http://strictlywriting.blogspot.com/...)

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