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Vernon God Little by DCB Pierre - Book Review

by DCB Pierre

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Review by  Richard Brown(2890) on 20/10/2003

I suppressed an initial irritation at the style of this book- and am glad that I did so. After that first reaction, I found it engrossing and sometimes amusing. It throws much-needed light on the inadequacies of the criminal justice system, the barbarity of capital punishment and the general trivialisation of life through the spread of reality television shows. I felt a touch let down by the ending but it would probably spoil your enjoyment of the book if I were to say why. Questions for writers: is it acceptable that Pierre’s narrator seems to know much more than he reasonably could and that he uses language which it is difficult to imagine him knowing? These factors played a part in my initial negativity. A flaw maybe, happily not fatal in my case. Winner of the Man Booker prize 2003.

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