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21 Jan  

It's busy in the Forums today ...

In Ethical Issues, feelings are running high about whether novelists should be allowed to judge short story prizes.

Over in Technique, the question's come up of what you do when you know where your novel ends, and you've worked back to decide where it would start ... but now you're actually writing it, you're finding it's not coming out at all how you expected. Are you a planner, or a pantser, or is none of it as simple as that?

In WriteWords Forum, a new group's being proposed. Are you interested in writing fiction or memoir set in the 1950s or 60s? Do you want to swap memories or ask questions of people who were actually there? Click here, and join up.

In Film, TV and Radio Reviews, WriteWorder Zettel has posted an in-depth review of Les Miserables, which has sparked a fascinating discussion not just of the film, but of all the issues it raises in terms of storytelling, opera, musicals, great novels...

And from grand cinematic and musical spectacle, to the fine-detailed attention that any writer also has to pay. In the Technique Forum again, WriteWorder Sharley is asking what doesn't quite work about the sentence: ' “Can I have a go?” Josh asked. He hung back by the bedroom door, his voice unexpectant.'  This thread unpicks the issues, and - as ever, on WriteWords - ranges more widely too.

and finally, in Newcomers, where most of the welcoming goes on, a new member has not only been welcomed, but has bumped into an old friend.


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