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Blog » From Funny for Children to Biscuits for Prizes - on the WriteWords forums this week

11 Feb  

The second Greenhouse Funny Prize is the latest addition to Jobs & Opps, but it's also being discussed over in the Competitions Forum. Mind you, it could equally well be in the Getting Published forum, as it's being offered by a well-established agency for Children's books.

That's the thing about writing, of course - we separate out the different parts of what makes up a writing life (hobby? habit? history?), but in the end they all twist themselves back together again.

So a thread in the Technique Forum on using a "proper" voice started with a question about changing the voice of a character in revision, but shifted to explore how to express the energy latent in a character who's outwardly prim and proper, and then got into unreliable narrators, and why a Scottish author might be told her novel  "isn't Scottish enough" by a sassenach!

And a thread on how and why we enter competitions moved on to explore the question of how and how much it's sensible to spend on the business of becoming a writer, but no one so far has mentioned how the list of competitions has a decidedly culinary aspect: Fish, Bridport, Biscuit, Dundee ...

Meanwhile the two newest groups embody two very different sides of writing. The Whole MS read-swapping group does just what it says on the tin: it's set up to help WriteWorders who've written a complete novel or non-fiction book find another WriteWorder who would like to swap a whole manuscript with another WriteWorder find good matches of taste and interests.

And if this roundup started with children, it's fitting that  Older Writers is full of members who want to share ideas, information and research about times which they remember but not all of us do. But they're not just doing it for fun - they're also talking about markets for writing about those times.


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