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Latest Work

The Cave by DerekH Word Count: 378

Inspired by a dream (If anyone has any idea what is means then feel free to suggest ;). I wrote it down because the imagery felt very rich...and because at this time of night I'll write any old.......and since I've not written in a while, I just hoped that sharing might help me back into it. 
14 Nov 2007

Too Bad by DerekH Word Count: 749

For a change I've tried to go up to the word limit. And for another change I've tried a bit of horror... I see Vincent Price in this one ;), it possibly also comes with 3D specs. I'm sorry, it has no Christmas cheer in it... 
16 Dec 2004

Haiku by DerekH Word Count: 17

Never tried this before. But, like flash fiction, I think there's something wonderful about a moment or feeling captured in so few words. I had to have a go...though I may have missed the point... 
11 Nov 2004

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