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 Sunday, Sunday. Surprise, surprise, it's another wet day. Why is my barometer showing high pressure? Got up early, as usual, and wrote a letter to Stanley Middleton. Met him in Summer School in the early nineties and, though in awe at first, knowing that the tutor wa...
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 Success On yet another wet, dark day, I received cheerful news. The flash fiction I thought hadn't gone, did go! And I've just received an email from Don at Bewildering Stories accepting my flash. Now, after a day finishing off some decorating, I'm go...
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 Blast it! I managed to get to my computer after the usual. Typed in the box where one should type when sending a flash to Bewildering Stories. The day got darker though night wasn't due for an hour or so but, switching on the lamp, ignoring two phone calls, I f...
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Loch Ness by tusker Word Count: 58

Another short one. Not sure if I've got this right. 
8 Sep 2017

Haiku by tusker Word Count: 6

2 Sep 2017

Winter Wreath by tusker Word Count: 30

For Dave's greetings challenge. 
16 Dec 2013

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