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A Cultural Misunderstanding by firethorne Word Count: 716

My first try at Flash. Warning : intentionally bad grammar. It's how we talk. Note: most gallery staff are not like this at all. 
26 Feb 2011

After The Riot. by firethorne Word Count: 817

Continuing story of Jack Almond . This week's installment: Jack and his mates are being held in Scourthorpe police station. The Minister For Urban Cultural Development pays the station a visit. Comic strip silliness containing various violations of grammatical correctness. Don't mess with the muse. 
3 Mar 2011

Futurefarm Evolicious by firethorne Word Count: 500

Maggie is worried for the safety of her children when military style Animal Rights protesters break into her farm. "Don't worry security will take care of them," she says trying to reassure them. Will her security be enough to stop the protesters?  
23 Mar 2011

Hierarchy by firethorne Word Count: 1334

Jax and Zac Jordan live by the code of the housing estate. Due to an accident when they were kids, their mum Sharon is slightly mentally impaired and vulnerable. She's in debt to a loan shark. New neighbors move in next door to the Jordan's and express interest in the family and their welfare. Shorty after their arrival loan shark goes missing . Story starts in Gaza , moves to Alamut, then Sheffield.  
11 Feb 2011

Hierarchy . Chapter 2 by firethorne Word Count: 2027

This is, like, totally outrageous, and I almost regret writing it. No one would be mad enough to publish , but it's the only way I could develop the universal perspective from which to tell the rest of the story. Don't sue me . And trust me, all racist thugs and despot dictators and every other thing hiding under a rock and plotting against their fellow man will be dealt with accordingly, later on. This is how things are round here, sometimes.  
23 Feb 2011

My Father Who Art. by firethorne Word Count: 1111

My father who art. Childrens story for grown up children. Confusion of religion, art and loss through the lens of a eleven year old boy's imagination. Or is it? Slight, but not yucky sentiment warning. 
8 Mar 2011

Streetfighting Pro by firethorne Word Count: 351

First attempt at first person . Character gets set up for a street fight, after hours ,in a pub . In a slightly alternative universe something has replaced bare knuckle fighting and evolved as a martial art. Warning : Some bricklayers/laborers swearing, and symbolic violence. 
3 Apr 2011

Word Play by firethorne Word Count: 499

Just a bit of fun messing with linguistic theory. There are billions of books and articles written for N-T's, very little written for Aspies. This is an Aspie story, (fun) all are welcome to read. Space-Time. Language-Thought. Penrose Rhomb. Strongest possible missing word search as well !:)  
3 May 2011

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