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a glimpse by ccatherine Word Count: 61
1  Comment

2 Mar 2009

Aira force by ccatherine Word Count: 37

Not sure whether anyone will like this - had intended it to be much longer but the words seemed to carry it to a finish. 
17 Oct 2005

freedom? by ccatherine Word Count: 32

This is work in progress and needs polishing. As it is something I've not tried before I just wanted to know what people think there is still a lot more to say. 
24 Oct 2005

my world by ccatherine Word Count: 63
1  Comment

This is very short and sweet, perhaps too poetic, or cliched but I do quite like it. Written in 10 minutes because I am so busy this week and I'll probably get lynched if I don't go and help down stairs. Hope no one minds that I changed the rlg slightly. Cathy 
23 Mar 2006

The Weaver by ccatherine Word Count: 54

I hope you like this, written whilst listening to the water by the river weaver 
22 Jul 2006

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